Q I’m still a little confused about the “megagame” genre.
A Understandable, it’s hard to explain in so few words. We recommend watching this playthrough video from a British board game review group. It’s a good overview into the genre. That video kicked off the “second wave” of megagaming around the world, including us!

Q Do I need prior experience to play a megagame?
A Most certainly not! That wouldn’t be much fun, would it? We explain all of the rules, backstory, and information you need to play the game. For some games, we’ll send out info to your email in advance; for others, mostly playtests, we’ll explain everything before we begin.

Q Can my friends and I play as a team?

A Depending on the megagame, sure! We welcome people to sign up as a team for games like Watch the Skies, which has a team-based structure. However, we should note that, while we try our best not to split people up, we can’t always accomodate you by putting you and your friends together. If we’re forced to split your group up to keep the overall game running smoothly, then unfortunately, we will make that decision. Please consider this when signing up for a game as a team.

Q What do I need to bring to the game?
A (usually) Nothin’! We’ll provide all materials and documents you need to play each game. Depending on the game, we may send you PDFs of the background documents and rules, however printed copies are provided.

You’re welcome to bring props and in-character documents if you’d like; e.g. Zenocorp brought a whole office into one of our games, complete with business cards, shareholder handouts, and schematics for interceptors.

Q Can I wear a costume?
A Absolutely! Costumes are encouraged but by no means required. We do ask that you show any toy weaponry to us when you check in.

Q Where is my ticket money going?
A Good question! Take a look at Our Costs to find out a bit more about this topic.

If you have other questions, drop us an email.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is generally what you’d expect. We have a few golden rules:

  • Act nice, while understanding there is an element of role-playing.
  • No running.
  • No alcohol (usually). Most of our games are 13+, and usually in dry spaces. However, depending on the game and the space, that could change.
  • There is not a good way to monitor use of many of the cards and systems in play. Chicago Megagames counts on the players to act honestly and honorably. We prefer to have social downsides to perfidious behavior.
  • Special abilities never affect anything retroactively.

You can view the full code here.