Games we Play


Tests your ingenuity and cunning in the late nineteenth century. Players have three hours to barter, buy, steal, lie, beg or shoot your way to victory. Trust nobody, everyone has their own hidden motives, same as you.

Nobody ever said winning the West would be easy.

Watch the Skies

The deep dish take on the original megagame!

Play as a member of a superpower’s government, a reporter for the world media, or a multinational corporation executive, trying to make sure you come out on top, while also dealing with the mysterious alien forces.

Or play as an alien, and do your best to confound humanity, while also meeting your own goals for the planet earth.

My Kind of Town

Set in the ruins of Chicago following a zombie outbreak, players act as the leader of a small group of survivors. Their goal, stay alive, try to find new supplies and shelter to make it through the winter, while also dealing with mysterious happenings in the Loop, and the ever-present zombie menace.

My Kind of Town is the first Chicago megagame.