My Kind of Town

the Chicago-style zombie survival megagame

In the ruins of post-apocalyptic Chicago, players are cast as the leaders of small bands of Wanderers reentering and exploring the city. Others play the game solo as violent, antisocial Bastards who are ruthless in combat and unable to join a Society. Several players will be cooperative members of the secretive Loop Island Federal Reclamation Zone, tasked with remaking Chicago in their image.

Game Structure

Unlike a lot of megagames, My Kind of Town has very few defined teams in place at the start of the game.


Most players start as Wanderers, the leaders of small bands of Followers. Throughout the game, your group will gain more and more Followers, you’ll find unique pieces of Gear, other players will start to trust you, and you will be able to establish a Society with your fellow players.


A few players will play Bastards; violent, unruly, aggressive people (in character only), who are unable to integrate themselves into other groups. Bastards are much stronger in combat compared to Wanderers, but cannot join a Society.


Inside a walled clean-zone on Loop Island, a fully functioning society stands alone: the last bastion of American democracy on the continent. A 4-6 players will run the Loop Island settlement with a secret and important agenda, manage internal societal crises, and range across the entire city to keep the undead hordes at bay.

Loop Materials

Gameplay Overview

The game takes place over 20 minute turns. Players will manage a hand of Gear and Tragedy cards, while scavenging for Loot and more Gear cards each turn. Wanderers may form Societies with laws and punishments, find unique uses for Gear cards in the Society, and hopefully set themselves up for a sustainable future.

Each turn the Room Monitor will draw an event card, however save for that occurrence, all conflict and game events are player-driven. Combat with zombies and other players is a quick and easy dice game, and is almost unavoidable; this is the apocalypse, you have to fight!

Combat Dice

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Quick Facts

Game Length 4 hours
Players 30-40
Control 6-7


A Game by Theron Seckington

With help from:

  • Paul Deziel (Maps and Neighborhoods)
  • Tim Foley (graphic design)
  • Chicago Megagames members (content generation)