Watch the Skies

In the near future, the nations of Earth make contact with alien life. Governments do everything they can to keep the truth a secret from the global populace. Players will meet with their team during half of each 30 minute turn to plan their actions, then break out into role-specific mini-games to bring those plans to fruition. It’s up to the players to come to an international consensus (or not) to solve global crises (or not) and respond to the aliens’ presence (or not). This is geopolitics like you’ve never seen.




Although the scenario varies each time we run the game, the core team structures largely stay in place. Each player takes on a distinct role on a nation team, a corporation, media outlet, or the alien team.


The human nations have varying resources and distinct end game goals. Nations in the game are: the African Union, Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Russia, the UK, and the USA.

All nations* are 5 player teams consisting of:

  • Head of State
  • Deputy Head of State
  • Foreign Minister
  • Chief of Defense
  • Chief Scientist

* The African Union is a 4 player team, lacking a dedicated Foreign Minister


Every corporation has a focus in a different industry, with unique abilities. The corporations in play are: Applied Ventures, Ikari Staffing Solutions, Kraken Petrochemical, and Zenocorp Aerospace.

Corporations are pairs of players representing such executive offices as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer OR Chief Technology Officer


The media outlets are represented by solo players acting as journalists. Media outlets in play are: GNN, the Global News Network; the Science & Financial Times; and the Daily Earth News.


The alien team structure, player count, and goals vary by scenario, but they’re usually a loose group of 9 to 12 players. Sometimes they’re not even aliens.


Current Scenario

Inspired by a dangerous mixture of Friends, Pokemon Snap, and Now That’s What I Call Music! volumes 1-3, Chicago Megagames is proud to present Watch the Skies: Millennium - a hella sick adventure through the year 1999. It’s the same WTS experience you know and love, but with a brand new story, new mechanics, and a killer soundtrack featuring the greatest hits of the 90’s. It’ll have more twists than The Sixth Sense, more excitement than a Tamagotchi, and more story than the Phantom Menace - high standards, we know!

Past Scenarios


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Quick Facts

Game Length 6-7 hours
Players 55-70
Control 10-12


A rewrite by Theron Seckington and Tim Foley

With help from:

  • Alex Botts (Game Design)
  • Charlie Graham (Game Design)
  • Don Kuntz (Graphic Design)
  • Tony Phelps (Game Design)

Original Game by Jim Wallman Adapted from, and using some art by MegaGame Society’s ruleset