Watch the Skies

In the near future, the nations of Earth make contact with alien life. Governments do everything they can to keep the truth a secret from the global populace. It’s up to the players to come to an international consensus (or not) to solve global crises (or not) and respond to the aliens’ presence (or not). This is geopolitics like you’ve never seen.

Watch the Skies at GenCon

Game Overview

Players in Watch the Skies are divided into a number of factions. Most players are humans, either high ranking members of a nation-state, mega-corporation, or influential media outlets. A smaller number of players take control of the aliens.

The aliens meet with some human representatives (Scavenger Hunt scenario)

Each faction has its own goals, and sometimes even individual players have goals that run contrary to their faction. These goals help drive the larger narrative, though ultimately, as in real life, each player only knows their own story.

Depending on their role, each player takes part in a minigame for brings them closer to ensuring their team’s superiority. Both inside and outside these games, players also coordinate with each other in attempts to keep the world from being destroyed.

Secretary General of the UN Jeff reads a briefing before the game

As with all megagames, the scenario and rules change between each game. The only real constant is the world’s fight for survival.

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Quick Facts

Game Length 6-7 hours
Players 55-70
Control 10-12


A rewrite by Theron Seckington and Tim Foley

With additional help from:

  • Alex Botts (Game Design)
  • Charlie Graham (Game Design)
  • Don Kuntz (Graphic Design)
  • Tony Phelps (Game Design)

Original Game by Jim Wallman Adapted from, and using some art by MegaGame Society’s ruleset