Watch the Skies: Millennium

Watch the Skies: Millennium

Not so very long ago… Celine Dion dominated the charts, men and women worked tirelessly to get ahead of an impending computer banking apocalypse, and the only ironic part of popular culture was rai-hee-ain on your wedding day.

The year was 1999. The year They arrived…

What’s different this time?

Rules-wise, we’re reworking some of the minigames to continue delivering that Deep Dish Style MegaGame experience that you’ve come to expect. Here is a thorough list:

  • A new fourth corporation, Kraken Petrochemical, with absolutely no connection to organized crime.
  • A new 9th nation, an African Union (slightly ahead of reality’s timeline)
  • A novel way of tracking global panic— The Doomsday Clock
  • A complete overhaul of the Science mini-game
  • Extensive tweaks to the Alien mini-game

As to the scenario, it is the 90s, so players aren’t allowed to use cell phones to text each other. The global situation is slightly different from the modern day - most notably, China, India, and Russia had not quite gained a place as the superpowers they are now - and nobody is quite sure what to make of this bizarre new ‘internet’ thing.

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