Our Costs

This is an informational page that will let you know what we’re doing with ticket fees. We do not seek to make a profit, as we are a non-profit company, and our members do not draw salaries. All revenue in excess of our costs are funneled back into game development and overhead.

The august Megagame Makers in the UK have this to say about the topic:

Megagames are unusual in that they need a fair bit of organising, and then there are the costs of printing the materials, posting them out, hiring the hall etc. Very few megagames ever make a surplus, and most are heavily subsidised by the game designer, who can sometimes contribute up to around £100 of their own money to see their game in play.

Cost Breakdown

Our costs vary per game (and indeed per event) but here is a very general breakdown for your enjoyment and edification:

  • 40% Materials
    • 15% Component Upgrades
    • 10% Manuals printing
    • 15% Scenario-specific materials
  • 40% Food
    • 30% Catering main course
    • 10% Water, snacks, extras
  • 20% Overhead
    • 10% Fees and Overhead (Eventbrite fees, web hosting, etc)
    • 10% Venue and Transportation costs

Breakdown Summary

Materials costs vary wildly, but the figures above are in the ballpark. Depending on the game or scenario, we may need to create new factions, new mini-game components, or art assets for the scenarios.

Food is our #1 single most expensive item. Catering for up to 80 people can be expensive, however, we choose to handle it this way as we prefer to keep players in the venue - and even better - in the game for the duration of the event. We do take a intermission for lunch each game, nonetheless.

We are lucky to have a low overhead in terms of venue costs. We partner with Columbia College Chicago to book space for larger games like Watch the Skies and My Kind of Town. Smaller games and playtests are hosted in a few different locations. Venue tech fees, Eventbrite and processing fees, and transportation and parking costs also figure into this category.

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