We are Chicago Megagames

Chicago Megagames is a collection of folks who like designing and running megagames.

We are always seeking additional help, specifically we’re looking for people to help design and create games and for people to help run games as control.

What is a megagame?

Megagames are 4 to 6 hour (or more) game events that combine elements of modern board games, live roleplaying games, and theatre for 20 or more simultaneous players.

The genre focuses on team communication and problem solving, and the theme of a megagame can vary wildly: from international response to an alien threat, to rebuilding society and rationing resources in the face of an apocalyptic scenario, to kingdom building in the middle ages, and many more themes in between.

If you have questions, we might’ve answered them in our faq.

Upcoming Events

War of the Worlds

October 2017
TBD, Chicagoland

Watch the Skies

January 2018
TBD, Chicagoland